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Project Engage -     The Psychological Consulting Company

We help you to develop great employee feedback and engagement strategy - whether it is a yearly engagement or a Pulse survey. We are also your strong partner for the implementation of the psychological risk assessments in accordance with EU legislation. And we assist with your employee development and talent acquisition plans.

As the completion of our portfolio, we additionally offer in-depth psychological online assessments. These solutions are tailored for both beginners and experts and are fully customizable to your needs. Here our main focus lays on the topics: Recruitment & Onboarding; Leadership360 & Performance Assessment;  Sales & Customer Care; Team Dynamics and  Well-being.  

We support you at every stage. Our clients value our domain expertise, flexibility, and strong problem-solving abilities. Over many years we developed a strict, clear and successful schedule on how to perform. This is what we do. This is what we are good at. And this is why our clients love us.

We help you achieve your goals. We listen. We care. We are dedicated. We are experts and we are here for you. We have the right tools. We have the knowledge and experience. And we execute. Period. 



Especially nowadays it is important to show your team that you care. Engage your employees! Get the best out of your team! Become the desired leader you want to be and boost productivity!

Psychological Risk Assessments

 Establish a healthy company culture and encourage good mental health practices at your organization. Our questionnaire is fully compliant with EU legislation 
(EU Framework Directive 89/391)

. We help you the entire way. 


At Project Engage we are proud to announce that we have the official authorization to issue the

a.) Certification of Excellence 2020  and
b.) Healthy Place to Work 2020 Certificate. 

Do you have what it takes? Apply and find out.

Talent Acquisition 

Having the right people has never been more important!

We strive to help our clients find their best talents. It is also important for us to make the world of recruitment more personal, sustainable and transparent.

People Intelligence Platform

We are a proud partner of the Great People Inside Platform (GR8PI). The Key to Unlock Potential, Drive Performance & Increase Productivity.

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