At Project Engage we are proud to announce that we have the official authorization to issue the

a.) Certification of Excellence 2020  and
b.) Healthy Place to Work 2020 Certificate. 

These certifications are awarded to organizations that stand out from the crowd, show exceptional commitment, offer a healthy environment, and are able to engage their employees. 

Do you have what it takes? Apply and find out!

Certification of Excellence; Healthy Place to Work; Certificate; Excellent Employer Very Good Employer

The official Certifications of Excellence 2020 are granted to exceptional organizations that accomplish high levels of engagement, are able to motivate their employees, offer a healthy work environment and thus stand out from the crowd.

The award has 4 categories and the company-specific areas of strength are displayed:

  • Excellent Employer 2020
  • Very Good Employer 2020
  • Good Employer 2020
  • No award granted

Organizations need to apply. Get in touch for more information.

The official Healthy Place to Work 2020 Certificate is granted to organizations, which offer:

  • good working relationships,
  • psychological safety at the workplace,
  • a general low-stress or positive stress      and 
  • a general healthy work environment.

The Healthy Place to Work 2020 Certificate is in full alliance with EU legislation and guidelines on the accurate implementation of the Psychological Risk Assessments (PRA).

The Healthy Place to Work 2020 Certificate is granted in case of the successful completion of the Psychological Risk Assessment. Company-specific strength areas will be listed, based on the results of the questionnaire.

Get in touch for more information and find out more about the process.

Why Certifications?

Because certifications can bring you a competitive advantage and help you build professional credibility. Many of our clients reported that they significantly helped to attract and find the right talents. Also, their employees feel extremely proud and valued. Often, certificates also lead to an increase in positive customer attention and public perception.

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