Talent Search and Onboarding

Having the right people has never been more important!

Through our strong domain expertise, supported by scientific screening, testing methods and a constant examination of the most important technological developments, we strive to help our clients find the best talents. It is also important for us to make the world of recruitment more
personal, sustainable and transparent. 

We offer:

  • Clear execution structures and a proven record of success
  • Extensive candidate database and ability to perform social media campaigns
  • In-depth psychological analyses of potential candidates 
  • Process monitoring via live updates
  • Validated, reliable tools and own Project-Engage Job Interview based on extensive scientific research
  • Candidates Induction / Onboarding support

We also give you expert support with your talent acquisition strategy and candidate interviews. 

Talent Search; Onboarding; Social Media Campaigns; Scientific Screening; Psychological Analysis; Candidate Interview;

The right people are those who match with your company culture, are experts within their respective fields, show a high degree of motivation and are ready to take responsibility both internally and externally. It is our passion is to find these individuals for your business.  Whether it is IT, domain -, sales experts or leaders– we are searching for the best fit for your needs. So that your organization can grow and perform on all levels – just as it should. Additionally, we apply the talent search strategy that your business needs – either via our extensive candidate database, headhunting ability or tailored social media campaigns.  

Our team combines trained experts and dedicated psychologists that help you at every stage. From in-depth psychological knowledge to process-oriented management, we use our very personal knowledge to deliver our customers the best possible services. We support you at every stage - from the pre-search to the onboarding phase we help you achieve your goals. We listen. We care. We have the right tools. We have the knowledge and experience. And we execute. Period. 

You already found a candidate but would like to have a second expert opinion ? Or you have some questions about your talent acquisition strategy ?

Great, just reach out to us. Our experts can join your candidate interviews and give their expertise. So you can be certain to make the right decisions !

How it works - Phases 1-5

Our talent search consists generally of five phases:

Phase 1 - Pre-Search 


- In the first stage, it is important to identify your company culture and specific job requirements. So that we get a first glance at the desired profile. It also strongly helps your future employee to start instantly.
- We will identify the job requirements, the desired professional and academic background of your ideal candidate and clarify the job specifications.
- If desired, we help you also with a professional workplace
and job description.

Phase 2 - Search 


- In the second phase, our team will start identifying the right talents that fit your organization structure and company culture. This will be done by screening our extensive database, putting up job advertisements or social media campaigns.
- You will be able to monitor the process and status of the applications via live updates. 
- We also screen candidates via online assessment tools based on job requirements. 

Phase 3 - Interviews


- In the third stage, our trained experts and psychologists will thoroughly interview the most promising talents with our own Project-Engage Job Interview. This high-pressure interview takes around one hour for each
candidate and gives a deep insight into the candidates' professional and academic achievements, their personal background and also consists of a general knowledge section. 

Phase 4 - Recommendation


- Those candidates who successfully passed the psychological interview will be recommended to you. This Advisory Report is a 3-4 page in-depth analysis of the candidates' background, combined with the results from the interview.
- We also support you in scheduling the interviews with the candidates. 
- If you like, our experts can also be a part of these interviews.
- Based on your experience with the candidate the strategy can be adopted so that you will find the best-suited candidates for the position.

Phase 5 - Onboarding 


- Let`s be honest: Starting at a new workplace is exciting, promising and fun. But it is also challenging and can be a bit scary. We are here for you. After successfully picking the right candidate, we support you with a clear onboarding strategy. 
- We see ourselves as an agent between your organization and the new employee(s). We answer questions, give advice, are an external contact person, create understanding and explain the company culture
- If necessary we also mediate between teams, leaders, and colleagues.
- So that your new employee(s) is rapidly onboard and productive, feels happy and thus is less likely to quit.

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